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We think this site as a FISHDECOY-PEDIA.

This site is for your research of a carver and their carvings. We intend this site to be as accurate as possible, but when memory comes to play, accuracy is affected. If you know of an update on a carver then please let us know so we can research it and modify the information. 


If you use the information on this site - remember this site is a copyrighted site and you must obtain writtern permision to recreate it in any form. If excerpts are used either link to reference location on this site or give full credit to this website and a link http://www.fishdecoys.net.

It is our hope that you enjoy the site as much as we have in creating.

Please use the Fish Decoys Net website for research and enjoyment of the craft art. 

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Fish Decoys Net is an in-progress website - meaning that as information becomes available it will be posted. This site is for the distribution of  knowledge on Ice Spear Fish Decoy (the “FISH’) for both the carvers, gazers and collectors. 

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I personally own this site and the information on this site is considered to be copyrighted by myself or others that have contributed the information and photos on this site may not be reproduced in any form with out the expressed written permission of me or the original owner. Email me your permission requests – be specific what you want to copy and what your intent of use is.  Excerpts may be used to complete a review of the site or for news release. If excerpts are used then it is required that credit is given by stating “The information was taken from the Fish Decoys Net located at website www.fishdecoys.net a trademarked website”.

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